• High-pressure cleaner can remove the most serious special dirt

    The cleaning of the high-pressure cleaner should be based on different cleaning objects and needs, select the required jet form and actuator, and then use the high impact kinetic energy of the high-pressure water jet to continuously strike, erode, cut, peel, and peel off the objects to be cleaned. Unblock for cleaning purposes.... Click to view

  • Flexible operation of high pressure hot water washer

    High-pressure hot water washer are generally divided into two types, hot water and cold water, but generally the pressure of our commonly used hot water high pressure washer is not higher than 250bar. Hot water high pressure washer are mainly used to clean difficult The dirt washed, the hot water high pressure washer is heated by the expansion tube.... Click to view

  • Chemical Industry Industrial Cleaning Machine Solutions

    High-pressure water jet cleaning technology is widely used in various departments to clean various chemical containers, heat exchangers, coolers, condensers, pipes, tube bundles, coke cleaning, scale... Click to view

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