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  • Plastic Recycling Crusher Machine

    Plastic Recycling Crusher Machine

    Accumulator beside the press machine is designed with high-speed crusher,installed beside the injection molding machine,suitable for recycle of small plastics parts and sprues from injection molding machines and small extrusion products.


  • Soundproof granulator with conveyor

    Soundproof granulator with conveyor

    Optional : Conveyor belt Feed system ( + Integrated Metal Detection ) .


  • Plastic crusher machine with recycling system units

    Plastic crusher machine with recycling system units

    CUMOND granulators with high-speed ratation are suitable to be install beside the machine.combination with a cycloone separator and dryer to form a rapid recycling system.It eliminates the compiex intermediat links,and avoids human and material waste.Hence ensures maximum recycling efficiency.


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