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Oil auto mould temperature controller CTCO

Mold temperature controller is used to control temperature in various industrial fields.

  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CTCO
  • Medium: Oil heater
  • Maximun temperature: 200 ℃
  • Electric power: 6 KW to 50 KW
  • Pump power: 0.37 KW to 3.75 KW
  • Pump flow: 30 L/Min to 200 L/Min
  • Pump maximun pressure: 3.8 KG to 6 KG
  • Cooling method: Indirect
  • Packing way: Wooden case
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Auto Mould Temperature Controller Features :

1 . Temperature controller adopts japanese and Italian (P.I.D) programmed sensor internal storage,which calculates automatically , Its precision is controlled whichin +1℃ an it saves above 35% power ;

2 . 2 sets of tubular electric heating element can be use one or both ;

3 . Short heating of cooling time and stable temperature ;

4 . Heater is made of stainless steel ;

5 . Perfect security protection and fault indication system ;

6 . Adcanced unit from foreign countries with long life length ;

7 . CAD system design that is easer to handle and maintain .

Specifications :

Maximun Temperature200200200200200200
Electric PowerKW691212×218×225×2
Pump PowerKW0.370.370.752.22.23.75
Pump FlowL/Min303050120120200
Pump Maximum PressureKG3.83.84.8666
Cooling Method
Dimesion L×W×Hmm735×310×540735×310×540735×310×5401100×600×6001100×600×6001350×700×1000

Application :

Reaction kettles, extrusion forming equipment , rubber forming machinery , cast film production lines, cable extrusion production lines , the dies for precise plastic molding , the dies for the compression casting of magnesium / aluminum / zinc alloy , roller pressing applied in rubber/plastic and leather industries , crude oil heating of the oil sinks on tank ships , paper making industry , bottle blowing, and so on . 

This Mold Temperature Control System has been designed to maintain a constant temperature, using water or oil as medium . Mold temperature controller is used to control temperature in various industrial fields .

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