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Steam cleaning car carpets and mats

2018-05-02 20:20:55 admin

Restore your car carpets with Cumond steam cleaners.

Car carpets steaming

Steam cleaners removes dirt and odors from the carpet and the bristles will lift the fibers of the carpet to rejuvenate the overall look of the carpet. The carpet only takes a few minutes to dry after cleaning. Vacuum afterwards for perfect lines.

Cumond Machinery

Steam cleaning to remove salt stains

Cumond steam cleaners easily dissolve salt tracked into the car from winter roads. Remove the salt rocks using the steam cleaner and a car detailing brush, then wipe with a microfiber cloth for instant dissolution of the residue.

Cumond Machinery

Steam vacuuming carpets and mats

The model CW-ES04V is the best commercial steam cleaner with wet and dry extraction capability. Offered either on 110V or 220V power, it is the most powerful commercial-grade steam extractor available. This versatile steam cleaner performs the same functions as a carpet extractor but also cleans hard surfaces. It comes packed with various car detailing attachments, and there is an optional upholstery metal tool available for purchase. The Carmen Super Inox can injects detergent into the steam and onto the carpet. The significant extraction power of the unit (2200mm of water column lift) results in the complete removal of all odors, dirt and stains. Most carpets dry in just minutes.

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