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Vapor steam cleaners

2017-03-02 10:41:38 admin

Vapor steam cleaner can be used to clean car interior,car outerior and car engine;especially for interior hard surfaces .  They can be used to clean the exterior of the car, but there is not enough force to blast the surface clean.  Therefore, cleaning is still done by hand.  Some users accept this because of the low water usage.  These are also incapable of deep cleaning fabric and upholstery surfaces because they do not generate enough moisture.  They can clean the surface of the upholstery or carpets, but will not get them as clean as a proper extractor.  If you plan to use a Vapor Steam Cleaner for exterior cleaning you do need a model capable of producing a high volume of steam.  This would be the Supreme 3000CVP or Ultra 5000CVP listed below.

Cumond Machinery Co.,Ltd provides LPG steam cleaner,Diesel fuel steam cleaner and electric steam cleaner for customer's choose.It could be also customized by customer's requirements if needed.(

Cumond always offers the best car wash equipment for car wash business and are extensively used by auto detailing business owners to provide their clients high-quality cleaning of their car’s exteriors.Cumond auto detailing steamers come with stainless steel heating coils, powder coated steel housing, and advanced features to provide operators a great car exterior cleaning experience. Make sure you buy car exterior cleaning machine which has the right specifications to meet the specific needs of your car detailing business.

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