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Cumond machinery Steam cleaner

2017-03-02 10:37:23 admin


Today is the end of this month,I've got five customers inquiried for our steam wash equipment in this week.Most of them are using it in car wash service,and some of them are washing factory machinery.

Now,let me tell you why does CUMOND steam cleaner(CW-07A) are so favorite by them.

①Super-heated saturated steam and saturated steam

②Humidity control function     

③Fully automatic control system

④Voltage Rating:  380V-420V 3ph

⑤Rated Power:  30kw/h

⑥Steam Pressure: 1.0 MPa(20bar or 145psi)

And as you know,some of countries are very lack of water,and it is only 1.5L enough to wash a car.Now,order it if you are interested in it.


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